Quidditch cast spell on WF

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A game inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter cast a spell on Wichita Falls on Saturday for the US Quidditch Southwest Regional Championship.

Hundreds arrived to play Quidditch at Hoskins Field. The arena changed after a week of rain and icy weather.

Thunderstorms delayed the games but not the fun.

22 teams from all across the country played in the competition. The winner will go to national championship game in Round Rock, Texas.

"People in Wichita Falls have been very supportive," Sarah Woolsey, US Quidditch Executive Director, said.

Henry Florsheim, CEO of Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, said the tourists can help boost the city's economy.

"They're spending money at hotels, at restaurants, at stores, they're buying gas and so that helps create jobs, generates sales tax so our city can do more," Florsheim said.

Austin Dickson, a member of University of Texas' Quidditch, said you do not have to be a Potter fan to enjoy the sport.

"It don't know if it really ties into the sport so much but it's fun though because there are lots of people who Like Harry Potter," Dickson said. "It gives you something to talk about."

Dickson, now a senior at UT,  said he first joined the university's Quidditch program as a freshman. He said he looked for a sports clubs and was quickly drawn to the game.

"I got out there and was like it's fun," Dickson said. "I can play it, it's inclusive and it's great."

Florsheim said it is also a great way to cheer on your alma mater.

"Midwestern State University and LSU don't typically play each other in athletics," Florsheim said. "Maybe one-day MSU will get a Quidditch team but if one of my alma maters is going to be here, I'm going. Go Tigers!"

Dickson said if anyone is confused how to play than just follow this simple advice.

"Just pick one ball and watch that," He said. "See what happens with it and the sport will start to make sense after that."

The games will start again 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

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