Some parents upset with Nocona ISD's response to threat


NOCONA, TX (RNN Texoma) - With the tragic Florida high school massacre still fresh on everyone's mind, Sunday's threat made by a Nocona High School student has many parents thanking law enforcement for their quick thinking.

Zachary Boyd, 18, tweeted "NHS needa to get shot up JS" Sunday at 5:24 p.m.

Police Chief Kent Holcomb said the school's principal alerted him about the tweet at 7:30 p.m.that night, and Boyd was arrested and charged with terroristic threat just three hours after they were notified.

Many commented on our NewsChannel 6 Facebook Page saying things like, "That's how you handle every threat. I am glad they were proactive instead of being forced to be reactive."

Another said, "Good, we need to start taking this stuff seriously."

One mother who has a child that goes to the high school said she, too, is thankful law enforcement acted so quickly.  She adds it was comforting to hear they were on campus throughout the school day Monday.

However, she is disappointed with how long it took the district to let her know about the threat.  She said other parents feel the same.

She said she did not hear about the threat from the district until the high school posted a statement on Facebook around 12 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Superintendent Doctor David Waters said he believes they followed protocol.

That mother said she wishes Nocona ISD would have sent out a mobile notification, like they do for bad weather days, instead of having to learn about it from other parents and students.

Superintendent Waters said since everything was taken care of "late Sunday night," he did not want to start a panic.  He said if they thought the situation needed an alert, they would have sent one out.

He said a letter went home with students Monday.

He adds the district will be evaluating how they handled the situation and that, along with parent feedback, will determine if they make some changes.

He encourages parents who are concerned or have questions to give him a call.

Nocona police and deputies with the Montague County Sheriff's Office will continue to be on hand at the high school as long as administrators feel it is needed.

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