Air Force ends grounding of T-6A Texas II planes

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE (KAUZ) - Sheppard Air Force Base and other military installations can begin flying the T-6A Texas II.

On Tuesday, the Air Education and Training Command said it would begin flying that style of aircraft following the grounding of the plane over concerns that some pilots suffered potentially deadly physiological events that include hypoxia.

According to an Air Force press release, Major General Patrick Doherty ordered the pause beginning February 1 to allow the air force to try and find out what is causing the issues. He said, "...after listening to pilots, maintainers, engineers and flight surgeons, it became apparent the T-6 fleet was exhibiting symptoms indicative of a compromise of the integrity of the OBOGS (On-board Oxygen Generating Systems), leading to degradations in performance, which then likely led to the pilots' physiological events."

The Air Force said the examination of the OBOGS will continue, because the final root cause as to why the systems weren't working correctly is still to be determined.

Instructors will begin flying the planes again before students do, and Sheppard Air Force Base officials said their looking forward to being able to get the planes back in the air.

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