Some Texoma school districts use conceal carry

ARCHER CITY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Some Texoma school districts are re-evaluating safety procedures including whether or not to have resource officers following the horrific school shooting in Florida.

On Tuesday, Vernon ISD announced it will hire a resource officer.

Other districts are using a different form of security. Officials from Bellevue ISD and Archer City ISD said they both have some school staff members who conceal carry on campus.

"I think the element of surprise and people not knowing who or where is something that's more effective," C.D. Knobloch, Archer City Superintendent, said.

He said his schools have several trained staff members who conceal carry, no one knows who they are or how many of them are.

"They're armed and trained and will take action if necessary in the event that we had an intruder," Knobloch said.

He said the guardian program began five years ago. The district teamed up with Childress and Quanah ISD to receive training from law enforcement.

The idea came from another school shooting that shook the nation.

"After Sandy Hook, people really wanted to step measures up. that was a terrible, terrible incident," Knobloch said.

Bellevue ISD uses a similar program. An undisclosed amount of school staff members conceal carry.

The district's principal Michael Qualls said they are all licensed and only use school board approved bullets.

"In light of the Florida situation, you've go to be quick in your response," Qualls said.
he says the district is 15 minutes from the local law enforcement which is why they use the program...he also says they've been practicing their emergency drills.

"You've got to consistently look at your plans like what do we do well and what don't we do well," Qualls said.

Victims of the Florida shooting talk about the panic caused by the fire alarm being pulled that is why Knobloch said the district just changed that system. The district has two fire alarms. One of them is the old system and the other is the new back up system.

"Students know the real signal," Knobloch said. "If someone comes in and pulls the fire alarm, no one is going anywhere."

Last week, Bowie ISD said its also discussing whether or not to allow staff to conceal carry.

Wichita Falls ISD partners with WFPD and has police officers stationed at high school campuses.

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