Candidates debate for Texas Senate Dist. 30

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Primary Elections in Texas are set for Tuesday, March 6. and University Kiwanis of Wichita Falls hosted a forum for two Texas Senate District 30 Candidates Wednesday afternoon.

Senator Craig Estes who has served as Texas State Senator of District 30 for 16 years faced off against Representative Pat Fallon.

"Representative Fallon has been in the Texas house for 6 years and he's done essentially nothing," Senator Estes said. "In fact, he's had a hard time showing up for work."

"He can say whatever he wants but the fact that 28 of my house colleagues have endorsed me against a sitting senator in this race," Representative Fallon said. "No senators have endorsed him, no one."

During the forum, Senator Estes made it clear his experience will get him re-elected.

"You need to have a rapport with your other senators, you need to have a rapport with the other body of the house and to make sure you have a legislative track record," Senator Estes said. "As they say, the best prediction of the future performance is past performance."

However, Representative Fallon said his successful business experience will get him the seat.

"Business military experience, I'm the only one running in this race that has served in the military and you get the best leadership training you can in the world in the military," Representative Fallon said.

One thing both candidates had similar answers to during Wednesday's forum was more security on the border, protecting the second amendment, and whether they should invest more money in mental health resources.

"The answer is absolutely yes it's very important to realize that's where we start and however the gun debate pans out I'm a strong supporter of our second amendment." Senator Fallon said.

"What a gun is at the end of the day, is a tool and tool like any other tool can be good or bad," Representative Fallon said. "We don't want people with severe mental health illness to have firearms."

Businessman Craig Carter is also running for Texas Senate District 30 but didn't make it to the forum.

We reached out to him Wednesday morning and in a statement, he said the reason he didn't make it to Wednesday's forum was that he wasn't invited.

However, he said he's had a great response connecting with voters across the district.

He adds he's the only candidate against school vouchers and will prioritize making public schools great and focus on teachers' pay, retirement, and healthcare.

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