Smith’s Severe Weather Science: Cold Front

Cold Fronts are known to make it very windy and much colder in Texoma. Sometimes if there is enough moisture associated with the front Thunderstorms can also form.
This happens because of convection, rising warm air and sinking cold air.

Warm air rises naturally. For example, the heat in your car usually comes out by your feet but then rises to warm the rest of the car.

Yesterday I talked about CAPE and explained how a thunderstorm can
t form without warm rising air. One way air is forced to rise is along a cold front boundary.

The cold front separates a cold air mass from a warm air mass.
As the cold air advances, it forces the warmer air to rise. Thunderstorms form along the boundary because of convection; the singing cold air and rising warm air.
Convection can be visualized by performing this science experiment. Click the link to find out more. All you need is a clear plastic container, blue and red food coloring, ice cubes, and warm water.

Have fun,

Carly Smith, First Alert Meteorologist

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