Woman gets targeted twice by scammers on Amazon

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - After a recent incident, Anna Mae Fischli, a targeted victim, keeps an eye on her bank account every time she shops online.

"Normally we have Amazon Prime but this (her order) was from an outside provider so it was going to be about a ten-day delay," Fischli said.

After the tenth day, and her order nowhere to be found she decided to contact the provider.

"It (her order) was going to Florida instead of Texas so I tried to call the provider and then this kept going on and on," Fischli said.

However, the problem didn't stop there, Fischli decided to contact Amazon to let them know what was going on but she couldn't find the customer service number on Google so she decided to go back to the Amazon page.

"I finally went to their search and put in the word 'customer service for Amazon' and it gave me a pamphlet to look at that had numbers in front of the pamphlet," Fischli said.

Without thinking twice she gave that number a call to let them know what was going on with her order.

"The lady said if you didn't get your order it's because you've been hacked we need your information give us your ID and your password," Fischli said.

Once she provided them with that information, the scammer put her on hold and as Fischli sat in front of her laptop she watched her Amazon account page being controlled by someone else.

With her information, the scammer logged in to her account and was buying a gift card.

"For a little bit it I was like oh my I can lose my whole bank account, so that is kind of scary" Fischli said.

The scammers did not end up being able to take any of her money. But Fischli said she learned her lesson and said next time she buys from an outside provider she will do her research before she clicks "add to cart."

According to the BBB's 2017 annual risk report, online shopping is now the most common form of fraud.

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