Camp Fire North Texas celebrates 103 years

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Camp Fire North Texas is celebrating their 103 anniversary today. It's a happy coincidence that Camp Fire shares its birthday with International Women's Day because it was the first organization created for girls in the United States.

Camp Fire was founded nationally in 1910 and was affiliated with those who started the Boy Scouts. Its North Texas chapter started in 1915.

The chapter celebrated at Heller Park. The Youth Symphony Orchestra provided musical entertainment for the celebration and awards were given to those who have volunteered with Camp Fire or contributed financially.

Since its founding the organization has changed over the years but Executive Director Betty Ricks said that the one thing that has stayed the same is its service to young people in the community.

She said, we have all kinds of fun things and educational things for them and we do. We have 'Teens in Action', and then in the summer time at camp we have high school kids that work as junior councilors. We do lots of service projects. We try to teach the children to give themselves and give service."

They also help deliver food with Meals on Wheels.

Camp Fire North Texas serves over 2,000 kids in the Wichita Falls community, and Bettye Ricks says they would not be able to do that without the help from people that live in the area.

Camp Fire is having its annual "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" on March 15. Adults are being encouraged to write letters of encouragement to kids to help boost their self-confidence. To learn more about how to participate click here.