Restaurant Week starts Monday


WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Restaurant Week is March 12-16, just in time for spring break.

It is an annual event serving up local support.

With dozens of restaurants to choose from in Wichita Falls, homegrown eateries face more challenges compared to chain restaurants, especially in the advertising department.

That is how Eat Local WF Restaurant Week was born.

"It's not so much about profits this week, it's about getting new people through the door that have never heard of these local establishments that really are amazing eateries here in Wichita Falls," said Tagan Couch, owner of Gypsy Kit.

She is one of about 20 restaurant owners teaming up to showcase what the Falls has to feast on.

"We want to make really good food for Wichita Falls and let people know that even though we're not one of the big cities in Texas, we can still stand out," said Couch. "We have fantastic food here."

A place that has been standing out for 20 years is the Deli Planet.

Rebecca Rutledge, the owner, gives last year's restaurant week five stars.

"It was one of our best record weeks of all time, it was amazing," she said.

But adds it is about encouraging diners to try all the local options.

"It's important for us," said Rutledge. "We are family owned and operated, we have eight children, five of our kids work for us."

She said so restaurant guests are not just supporting our community, but their family and all the people who work there.

Daniel Howell was grabbing a bite to eat at Deli Planet Friday night and said he supports local restaurants whenever he can.

"Local business tends to have better food to me, you know big chains have the same thing all the time," said Howell.

A few miles away, Cheryl Hennan checked out 8th Street Coffee House for the first time and said she will be going back.

"It's good to keep the money in the town if you can," said Hennan. "In the long run, it's better for everybody."

She also said people need to give these places a chance. "This is good {8th Street} this is as fun as a place you're going to go into in Dallas or Austin," said Hennan.

There will be specials at those participating restaurants and gift certificates giveaways.

Couch said other local restaurant owners have contacted her and asked to be added to the restaurant week list, so the list may grow.

Here is a list of those who are taking part:

8th Street Coffee House

B Cocoa Artisan Chocolates

The Deli Planet

Ganache To-Go

Gidget's Sandwich Shack

g pops

The Gypsy Kit Café

Gypsy Kit Fit

Half Pint Taproom

Parkway Grill


Odd Duck Coffee



Stone Oven Gourmet Pizza & Eatery


Willie's Place

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