Texas DPS gives spring break safety tips

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texas Department of Public Safety troopers are advising the public to drive safe as they drive out of town for Spring Break.

Trooper Dan Buesing said slowing down can make all the difference especially when there are more drivers on the road.

He said to remove all distractions like using a cell phone while driving. Another tip he gave was to avoid driving late at night during spring break.

"Be mindful if you're going to be out past midnight," Trooper Buesing said. "That's when you're going to be sharing the roadways with intoxicated drivers."

He said the safest time to drive is daytime. "You can see better and have a better an overall safety measure in your car getting where you want to go," he said.

Texas Department of Transportation reported during the 2016 spring break-period, there were 458 DUI-alcohol crashes for college-aged drivers (17-34), 15 were fatalities and 33 resulted in serious injuries.

Trooper Buesing advised everyone to plan ahead before they choose to drink like having a designated driver, ordering a taxi or a ride share or you can also go here to find another alternative.

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