Residents voice their concerns over downtown bond proposal

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Wichita Falls residents voiced their concerns over Bond Proposition G, which would fund a project meant to improve Downtown's infrastructure.

The proposal would allot $21.9 million to help downtown add things like bike lanes, parking, better traffic lights and other advancements.

Resident and property owner Kevin Hunter doesn't support the bond at all. He said, "I'm against it. We've got a bond going on the school district, we have a bond going on our new county prison, now they're going to add a city bond? When is all this going to stop... We've got to be more cost efficient in the way we spend money."

Downtown Wichita Falls Development organization held an event called 'Brews and Bond' at The Broken Tap where people could ask questions about the proposal.

Some residents wondered if the proposal is the best way to spend city funds.

Wichita Falls local Catie Robinson said, "I'm just concerned that this money could be better spent maybe giving it back to police and fire departments to make sure that we're maintaining those good people here in the city, and they're not leaving because there are better markets elsewhere for them."

Others were concerned about how it will affect property taxes.

Another resident, Elaine Dubray, said, "as a renter, when property taxes go up, the rents also go up. so, everybody is punished. but if this is something about making downtown better, I think it just keeps getting better and better".

President and CEO of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce Henry Florsheim said that it's what needs to be done if the city is to grow. He said, "It's just one of the costs of living in a city no matter where you go you're going to have that…if the city hadn't grown in 50 years we've got to think differently. And one of the things we haven't done is made major investments in downtown."

Proposition G is one of seven propositions up for vote in the bond election being held on May 5. For a breakdown of all the propositions click here.

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