Nonprofit holds retreat in WF for veterans

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A nonprofit fighting to help veterans who experience post-traumatic stress disorder is in Wichita Falls this week.

Terry Park, a veteran, served in the military from 1985 to 1995 and was in Desert Storm. He said six years ago he was diagnosed with extreme combat PTSD.

"I couldn't go to Walmart that was for sure," Terry said. "Relationships with your children, finances, everything goes to crap because PTSD takes over your life."

Terry's wife, Deborah Park, said it even came to the point where it was affecting their marriage.

"They take it out on you and it's like well what have I done wrong and it's really really hard," Deborah said.

That's when Terry and his wife looked into Veterans Freedom Retreat, a nonprofit that helps both veterans and their spouses get back their freedom through a week-long retreat.

"Well, the partner also has been impacted by the vet so we say they have secondary PTS so we treat them just as much as we treat the vet," Bud Hughes, the president of VFR said.

Couples learn how to handle day-to-day issues by going to counseling, equine therapy, and other stress reduction activities.

"We also have yoga and it's a meditate type yoga which helps in breathing exercises and things like that to help reduce stress," Hughes said.

Terry and his wife said this retreat turned their life around for that reason they are back for a second time to support eight other couples that are in the same spot they were last year.

"If you're having problems, this is the place to find answers," Terry said.  "The freedom retreat is the place you can find answers and if you can't find them here they(VFR) know where you can find them."

On Wednesday the couples will be headed to the Magic Ranch in Dean for a day filled with equestrian therapy.

If you and your spouse want to sign up for the next retreat head over to their website for more information.

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