Tips on how to prepare for severe weather

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texomans are no strangers to severe weather that can damage roofs or even flood homes. With spring right around the corner sever weather is on the way. Here are ways to prepare.

First, Insurance Council of Texas Spokesperson Mark Hanna says to get insured. He says to make sure insurance covers damage to the home, car, or anything in the backyard.

It is also important to know that homeowner's insurance is separate from flood insurance. A flood insurance policy is necessary for any flooding in the home.

During a storm, take cover in a bathroom or small closet. Insulate the space with pillows and covers or anything that would protect against debris.

News Channel 6 Meteorologist Ken Johnson says a storm shelter is even better.

He said, "If you have one of those above or below ground, they're both great places to be. I have one in my garage at my house built down into the foundation. But you do have to register those. It's best to register those with the local fire department or with local emergency managers. That way, if your house is impacted by a tornado, and there's debris on top of it, they know that there is a storm cellar there at that particular house, and they can go and check and see if they can find you."

Put together a storm kit with batteries, a flashlight, a weather radio, water and non-perishable items.

After the storm, be careful of scammers saying they can fix house damages.

Hanna said, "in any type of catastrophic event, especially a weather event, you'll have these people come in with pickup trucks and ladders on the back. We recommend if you need a roofer, you work with someone in the Wichita Falls area."

Be sure to work with someone reputable.

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For more information on insurance covering weather damage, click here

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