Hometown Pride: Downtown WF's hidden gems

Fida Misgar has owned Birds of a Feather Flea Market for over two years. (Source: KAUZ)
Fida Misgar has owned Birds of a Feather Flea Market for over two years. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Jan Saville has owned Hello Again, a furniture and decor store in downtown Wichita Falls for three years.

"I walked in here one day to buy three cans of paint and I bought the whole store," Saville said.

She gets to share her business with people from all over the world thanks in large part to the building connected to hers, the worlds littlest skyscraper.

"Just yesterday we had people from Canada, Indiana, of course, Texas, Florida, Houston, and Germany," Saville said. "The story of the littlest skyscraper is one of greed and gullibility during the oil boom days. A scam ensued and we are now the recipients of that scam."

Saville has a passion for downtown. So does owner of Birds of a Feather Vintage Market, Fida Misgar.

"I have fallen in love with this building," Misgar said. "It was made in the 1800's. It was a hardware store. I hear the stories and they're awesome! I get amazed by those stories, how much downtown was hustling and bustling. The streets were full and all that."

Both business owners are Wichita Falls transplants and said things used to be much different.

"I remember the first time I came downtown and there was absolutely not a car in the street, not a single store was open," Saville said. "It was very depressing. And now we see people walking the streets, walking the dogs, bringing the kids. We're excited to hopefully see that come to fruition and make it a more pleasant family friendly, walkable kind of place."

"It is coming back," Misgar said. "And everyone who has a business here is trying their best to bring it back."

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