WF soon to begin road rehab project

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls is looking to improve a handful of its streets with a complete makeover.

"Wichita Falls is definitely growing, especially with Midwestern State University being here," resident Joshua Sauceda said. "So I think with them improving the roads and the development of Wichita Falls, it's essential."

Street maintenance is a 365-day job. Many of the roads are being worn down as fast as others are being fixed up.

That's why city councilors are expected to award a bid for $1.84 million that would address 7th Street, 9th Street, Midwestern Parkway, Barnett Road, Hamilton Boulevard, Hampstead Lane, Pasadena Avenue, Kemp Boulevard, and Weeks Park Lane.

"We take off the old asphalt up top, we do any base repairs that are needed underneath there, repair those bases, do some curb and gutter repair, and then we come back with new asphalt," Deputy Director of Public Works, Teresa Rose said. "We drive on them every day. So if it's something you use every day, it's something that's important to you."

That's exactly what Sauceda thinks. He believes everyone looks at the condition of the streets.

"People look at everything, including the development of the city," Sauceda said. "If we see our roads getting better then you're going to have more businesses wanting to come and start something here in Wichita Falls."

When others heard the news of the project, they were happy.

On the Newschannel6 Facebook page, Wyatt Ipock said no more patchwork. Wichita Falls needs new fully paved roads. Brian Banks agrees the patch up's do not work.

Rose said it all comes down to money.

"More money always means getting more done," she said. "But again, we try to be as smart as we can with the limited dollars that we have to get the most out of it. And to do the most improvement to our infrastructure."

On May 5 Wichita Falls residents will hit the polls to vote on seven propositions that are on the bond proposal. One of those is to improve the streets. If Proposition C is passed, you could see even more streets getting total rehab projects.

Rose said the city has about $2.4 million budgeted for road repairs in 2018 and added that this is the biggest street project they do just about every year.

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