With spring comes the snakes

Snake Season

IOWA PARK, TX(RNN Texoma) - Just a few months ago, two-year-old Brenli Sharp was not able to dance like she can now.

Brenli and her mother, Cadi Sharp, were coming home one night when she heard the rattle of a snake as she opened her front door.

She said her immediate thought was to get her daughter out of harm's way but it was too late.

"She had been bitten twice. Once on her top of her right foot and once on her left toe," Sharp said. "It was the worst thing in my life that has happened."

Sharp said the snake was hiding under their screen door.

With temperatures getting warmer, PW Snake Removal is now encouraging everyone to keep their eyes wide open.

"Snakes love everything secluded so they like getting in there and not move at all," Lane Smyth, with PW Snake Removal said. "So keep your grass down, keep old junk, old medal, old tin, anything that's going to attract heat, away.They love to go in there and observe that heat"

Pake Wheeler, the founder of PW Snake Removal, said baby rattle snakes are the ones we need to be extra careful with.

"A baby rattle snake cannot control it's venom so whenever the fangs sink in to you it just releases all of it's venom at once," Wheeler said.

However, if you do come across one, he said you need to stay calm.

"The best thing to do is locate where the snake is and slowly back away and get out of the area from the snake," Wheeler said.

"Don't spook him because if you spook them there is no way telling what he can do," Smyth said. "So just walk away calmly."

For Brenli and her family, this scary experience will never be forgotten. The family cut off the snakes rattle to show Brenli when she gets older.

PW Snake Removal was actually called out to Brenli's house during that incident to remove other snakes near their home.

Wheeler said that day they caught six snakes near her home.

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