WF Cinemark applies for permit to sell alcohol

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls residents may have a new way to watch a movie, with a cold brew.

At the Cinemark Theater in Wichita Falls, there is a sign that said it applied for a permit to sell alcohol on Tuesday.

The theater company states on its website that several other of its movie locations already sell it.

"I think that's an awesome idea," Brittany Martin, 28, said. "I think that would make the movies a little more enjoyable sometimes."

"It doesn't make a big difference in going to the movies knowing there's alcohol being served," Mysti Patterson, 35, and a mother of two said.

Patterson said she has lived in other cities where theaters sell alcohol and she said it makes the movies a fun place to go if they do it responsibly.

"There are some theatres in Dallas area that do the same," Patterson said. "They still have areas for the kids. the kids cant' enter the 21 or over area. It's a complete seperation. It just kind of takes a change to accept change on new things."

Other parents said they felt the same.

"They're going to regulate that here like they have everywhere else and kids are going to [find a way to] get alcohol no matter where they're at," Tim Howell said while taking his family to see Black Panther.

"They will have to monitor it closely and check identifications of those they sell to. I do not see a problem with it," Wichita County Sheriff's Office Deputy Melvin Joyner told Newschannel 6 in a statement.

Some residents said they think it will add a twist to a date night.

"That would get rid of some of that pre-date jitters, you know?" Martin said. "[You'll be] watching your movie ordering a few drinks and there you go. You're good to go."

"[My wife] told me she'd come to the movies more often if they serve alcohol. I don't know if that's because of the kids or what?" Howell said jokingly.

On its website, the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission said it can take up to 45 to 60 days to receive an alcohol permit. It advises everyone to apply early to help speed up the process.

As of last August, Cinemark has around 100 theaters nationwide that serve alcohol.

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