app sparks concern among parents

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A popular smartphone app is sparking concern after parents learned a simple search can pull up inappropriate content that kids could be exposed to. lets you show off your unique talents by lip syncing to your favorite song. However, just like any other app it also has its dark side.

A simple search on the app like #hot, #sxy or even #skinny can pull up some videos that some would find disturbing.

"They can sit there and press one button and not even mean to and then they're exposed to stuff they've never seen before," Shelby Martinez, a mother of two said.

She adds its examples like these that remind her how dangerous a phone can be.

"It's everywhere," Martinez said. "Facebook, Twitter, Instagram."

In a statement to Newschannel 6, the Teen Emergency Shelter program director, Lisa Dresbach Choate, said even though monitoring your child's phone privileges may be different for each family, it's important to establish rules before the phone is ever purchased.

For example, sharing login information to accounts and apps.

The Wichita Falls Police Department is also stressing the importance of parents being active in the lives of their children.

"People aren't always what they appear to be online," WFPD Officer Timothy Johnson said. "Online you can be whoever you want to be and just because they say they're a 13-year-old boy or girl you could be speaking with an adult for all you know."

Newschannel 6 reached to about this situation but have yet to hear back from them. If your kids come across inappropriate content you can report it online.

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