WF restaurants encourage people to come following restaurant week

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Local restaurants throughout Wichita Falls are continuing to try to attract people to their businesses, even with restaurant week over.

There's a handful of things they're doing to keep their clientele up that range from social media to educating people on their food and drinks.

8th Street Coffee House was packed every day of restaurant week.

"We probably had Saturday-like numbers every day last week," Owner, Jen Amador said.

So was Odd Duck Coffee, who saw around 200 extra people each day.

"The biggest difference between eating local and eating somewhere else is you're going to get a different experience when you come here," Manager, Christy Cooper said.

Restaurant week, a week filled with specials encouraging people to eat local has ended.

But Amador and Cooper are hoping they left their new customers wanting more.

"I think restaurant week brings a lot of people that maybe haven't been in before, or it brings them back," Amador said. "I think you hope to just impress them and hope they'll come back to give it a try again."

"We greet you," Cooper said. "We're happy to see you, we're grateful you're choosing us, and we're going to make sure the first experience is just as good as the second, the third, and the last."

Amador and Cooper both said there are also things they can still do to encourage people to come back, starting with social media.

"You got to make sure they're seeing something down here that they can't get across town," Cooper said.

"It's an easy way to throw out a picture of something that looks really yummy," Amador said. "Because someone will come back for it."

Owner of Gypsy Kit, Tagan Couch, created the website It's a way to keep people in the loop on what the local restaurants are up to and why people should eat local.

Couch said she plans on keeping the website updated. In the meantime, both businesses will do what they can to gain exposure.

"If you like the food if you like the drinks a local restaurant has, support them as much as you can rather than going to a chain," Amador said. "Because we depend on that for our income and we depend on that for the community."

Couch said another Eat Local Wichita Falls event is currently in the works for sometime in the near future.

8th Street Coffee House was part of restaurant week last year as well. Amador said the exposure led to lots of new clientele and said other restaurant owners she's talked to said the same.

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