MSU discusses how local business feel about hiring millennials

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce continues to focus on revitalizing the city and attracting younger workers, and they are not alone. Professors with MSU's College of Business are teaming up with them to find out how local businesses really feel about hiring millennials.

This past fall, the Chamber of Commerce gave MSU professors a list of over 500 local business so that they could conduct a survey to find out about millennials in their work places. 17% of those businesses responded.

They found that over half of those businesses feel they are extremely likely to hire workers 28 years and younger. They also found that the likelihood of hiring young workers grows according to their education level.

The professors held a neighborhood economic forum at the public library to discuss their findings.

Director of The Bureau of Business and Government Research Agim Kukeli said that businesses that already have a younger workforce tend to have a local presence in the community and diversity in the workplace.

He said, "one of the conclusions that we give to businesses as well as communities is that the more local engagement businesses in this community is involved with, the better chances to retain the qualified young workforce…and another one is diversity among the businesses."

A third of businesses surveyed feel that there is little to no diversity in their workplace. However, over half of the businesses that have younger workers, are already involved with youth organizations.

Dr. Kukeli said the meeting was meant to also get feedback on what they should include in a follow up survey, such as learning more about the racial demographics of those who own businesses in the city.

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