Greenhouse brings new way of learning

NEWCASTLE, TX (KAUZ) - Students at Newcastle School can now learn about how things grow with the addition of a greenhouse.

The greenhouse came in March and it is already being put to use.

Freshman Chandler Trice takes care of the house.

"I just look at it and probably in the afternoons," said Trice.  "I just water everything check on everything."

It started over a year ago when Trice approached teacher Teresa Koonsman with an to fill the school garden with black diamond watermelons before summer started.

When he got back from summer vacation, the garden multiplied.

"The melons were producing quite well," said Trice.  "We were already up to 30 pounds of black diamond watermelons waiting for 20 more."

Then, tragedy struck when a rattlesnake came in and destroyed everything they had.

Trice would have to start over after winter.

"It is just devastating knowing I couldn't plant," said Trice.

Koonsman started thinking about what could be done.

After some research, she decided to look at getting a greenhouse.

With help from the community, the greenhouse was installed last week and the kids are already having fun.

"My favorite part is probably putting the seeds in the soil and digging," said 5th grader Gaven Baker.  "I'm excited to plant cantaloupe or honeydew," said 4th grader Texas Hammone.

"We have onions in the garden and we have asparagus and squash cucumbers cherry tomatoes," said Trice.

Trice and Koonsman hope students can take the skills they learn and apply it to the future.

"I hope this gives our students that drive to take these skills that they are going to learn to plant," said Tesera Koonsman.  "They can watch things grow from seed to plant to produce and take those with them once they graduate from high school."

Trice said his plan for the product once it is grown is to give it out to the community.

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