Wichita Falls residents join March for Our Lives movement

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Residents from the Wichita Falls area gathered in solidarity with the nationwide March for Our Lives rally in hopes of putting an end to gun violence.

Parents feel the march is one step in protecting their children. Wichita Falls resident Franky Bunch said, "I'm looking out for the safety and future of my kids. I want to make sure they can grow up in a world, in a school system where they don't have to be afraid to go to school."

The march was organized, in part, by Bianka and Vern Landavazo whose teenage daughter, Lauren, was gunned down while walking home from school in 2016.

Vern Landavazo said, "having lost our daughter the way we did to gun violence and the reality that our children are not safe on the streets, they're not safe in school, they're not safe even in church, malls, public events – it's a problem that hit home for us."

Students from high schools in the area made speeches about their fear of gun violence and recited poems about the change they want to see.

For the Landavasos, that change means never seeing another family go through the heartbreak they have experienced. Bianka Landavaso said, "It's baby steps, but I think when people can sit around and talk about it and get ideas that's how you get things done. I have hope that one day it's going to be a safer world for these kids."

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