MSU students celebrate Women’s History Month

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - What started off as a way to honor and empower women for two Midwestern State University students, turned into a week-long series of support and education.

"We wanted all of our events to focus on encouraging women, empowering them, and advocating for some of the issues that relate to women," Kharmyn Lewis, a Women's Empowerment Week co-coordinator said.

Lewis said they had several programs throughout the week, like a movie screening and a sexual assault and dating violence awareness forum.

Where First Step, Inc. a Wichita Falls nonprofit who helps victims of domestic and sexual violence, was there to answer any questions.

"They framed it in a way where it was very positive," Debra Dyason, First Step of Wichita Falls, Inc. executive director said. "What can we do as students and what can we do as First Step to help people raise awareness and then have a conversation that's comfortable and that's positive to move things forward."

"It takes all of us to make this happen," Barbara Brewer, First Step, Inc. co-founder said. "To know that a group of young women will spend their time and effort to make this happen is just very exciting,"

The series of events ended Sunday with a Women's Empowerment Brunch, where students got to hear of the challenges current Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture, Margie Reese, faced as a woman in power.

"Young women are our future, they are going to lead this country," Reese said. "So when you give time to young women who are dedicating their lives to make this city, state, or this nation a better place, you have to feel really proud of them."

All proceeds went to First Step, Inc. to continue helping those who have experienced domestic and sexual violence.

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