Iowa Park residents clean up following storm

IOWA PARK, TX(RNN Texoma) - The clean up continued Monday morning in Iowa Park following a storm that swept through the area on Sunday evening.

Whitney Smith, an Iowa Park resident impacted by the high winds, said the strength of the storm caught her and her husband by surprise.

"It probably lasted like two or three minutes," Smith said. "It really came out of nowhere, I was shocked. I looked out the window and you literally couldn't see through the wind, it was so heavy."

Immediately after the storm is when she said they noticed all of the damage it left behind.

"Our neighbor down the road called [her husband] about the barn door and our roof coming off," Smith said. "Apparently one of them hit his truck so we knew it was pretty severe."

Along with the barn, Smith also had two trees knocked down.

"All the branches I noticed yesterday but I didn't notice the tree in the backyard until this morning when I looked out the window," Smith said.

A few people reached out to Newschannel 6 Sunday evening saying a small tornado hit Iowa Park, however, Newschannel 6 First Alert Meteorologist Carly Smith, said this was a downburst wind event.

"What happens there, is there is a lot of air up in the thunderstorm as its growing, and then that air just drops out of the thunderstorm and it creates these raising winds outward from the thunderstorm and they kind of go in all directions," Carly said.

Smith adds it can be difficult to warn downburst winds because they happen quickly. Smith said one thing she learned from this experience is to be prepared for severe weather at all times.

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