Police and Fire Departments lose internet

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Wichita Falls Police and Fire Department have lost their internet service due to a fiber optic line being cut. They are still able to communicate with their teams in the field and receive emergency calls.

A contracting company damaged the line during construction on Friday.

The loss of internet has caused them to readjust their internal operations.

The police have had to move their dispatch from the Public Safety Training Center to the Police Department near Downtown Wichita Falls.

Sgt. Harold McClure said, "Our officers are still able to respond to calls. They're still able to respond to any 911 calls or any call for assistance."

The Fire Department has not been able to receive the tone alerts that let them know which type of emergency they are responding to.

Battalion Chief Randal Reel said, "We're not getting any of that. So, we've kind of had to go old school and just listen to everything and know where you're going – know if you're going."

They also have had to write all their reports manually and could have days' worth of information to put into their systems once they are back up.

The Fire Department also has had to use mobile devices to get updates on weather conditions.

Ultimately both the Police and Fire Departments have been able to do their jobs, but not having internet has caused some inconvenience.

There is no word yet on when their systems will be back up and running.

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