Vernon boy bit by dog waiting for school bus


VERNON,TX(RNN Texoma) - A six-year-old boy was attacked by a dog waiting for the school bus Tuesday morning.

Daniel Dobbs said his son Dean rides the bus to school every day.

He drives him to his stop to make sure he gets there safely.

"Just one of those mornings I parked the opposite way and couldn't watch him get on the bus, it just takes a second," said Dobbs.

In that short time, Dean said two dogs ran up to him.

"I slipped and that's when they started attacking me," said Dean.

His dad said there were two dogs, but only one got a hold of him.

"The other one had his backpack," said Dobbs.

Another student nearby yelled for the dogs to get off of him and a young girl picked him up and put him on the bus.

"We got him off the bus and took him to the emergency room, and turns out he had six punctures on his left leg," said Dobbs.

Right now they are waiting to see if the dog was current on his shots.

Lieutenant Wayne Hodges, with the Vernon Police Department, said the dog is in quarantine at an animal shelter to check for abnormal behavior or illness, a mandatory protocol.

He adds the dog does not show any sign of illness.

Lt. Wayne said they only picked up one of the dogs because after investigating they determined only one dog bit the child.

The case is still under investigation. Police said when it is finished they will make a decision to either give the dog back to its owner or put it down.

Investigators are still determining if the owners violated any city ordinances.

But the blood stains on the kindergartner's pants serve as a reminder to all parents.

"Watch them get on the bus all the way because you never know," said Dobbs.

He plans on reaching out to Vernon Independent School District so this does not happen to other kids that live in his neighborhood.

"To see if we can move the bus stop to a different area, if not then I'm just going to have to start taking him to school every morning," he said.

Superintendent Jeff Byrd said the District is going to look into this issue and work with the city and police department to figure out the next step to keep this from happening again.

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