Students learn life skills at PIE Sendoff

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Some high school seniors in the WFISD were trained in different life skills Wednesday.

The 12th annual Partners in Education Senior Sendoff hosted more than 600 high school seniors at the MPEC today.

There were several different workshops for students to pick like team building, crime lab, and learning how to grocery shop.

The reason why there is such a variety of classes is because organizers know every student's path will be different come graduation.

"Not everybody is going to college and some people may have to go into the workforce right after they get out of school," said District Coordinator January Cadotte. "Some people may not know what they are going to do at all so we want to be able to give them a different variety of sessions to attend that might help them with deciding what their future might hold."

Members of the Wichita Falls community specializing in the different workshops featured were instructors for the event.

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