Facebook fall-out over shared data has users concerned about privacy

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Facebook has been receiving criticism for not making their privacy settings clear, and allowing user data to be accessed and given to third party sources like Cambridge Analytica. Here are tips on how to maintain privacy on the social network.

Owner of Mactech Solutions in Wichita Falls Terry McAdams helps people change their privacy settings frequently. He said that most do not realize when they have opened their page to let third party apps access their data.

Third party apps can sometimes access all data on a Facebook page if allowed. McAdams said, "It can be as innocuous as your age, your sex, interests that you may have, your likes, your friends, your friends of friends – any number of things. It could be very limited or it could be widespread."

Facebook sent out a statement saying that in the coming weeks they would try to make setting more accessible instead of having them on 20 different pages. In the meantime, however, it can take some digging to find how you can change each setting – such as how to disconnect third party apps from your page.

  • Here’s how you can change which apps access your page:
  • go to the arrow on the menu bar in the top right corner of the page
  • click settings from the drop-down menu
  • to the left of the page click “Apps” in the menu
  • choose an app to remove from the page
  • click remove in the popup window
  • click done

Settings also allows you to change who can see your posts, tag you in photos, what ads are targeted to you, and disable facial recognition.

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