WF baseball bat company hits the majors

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls baseball bat company had their own opening day during the official start of the MLB season.

"It's kind of crazy to think that our bat might be used for a game-winning hit," Leland Wetzel founder and owner of Xylo Bats located in Dean said.

He always dreamed of playing in the majors that changed after he injured his shoulder several times ending his big league dreams, or so he thought.
"The Lord still allowed me to do my passion which has always been baseball, going into bats he has allowed me to continue doing that. it's also fun for me to continue doing that," Wetzel said.

Wetzel's first experience with a major leaguer came after his friend connected him with Joe Mauer in October 2016. He made a bat exclusively for the Minnesota Twins star. Mauer loved it. 
"The goal is to make the best bat in the world so that way when it gets in their hands they can do nothing else but use it," Wetzel said.

The bat is now going to the plate some of the world's best. Wetzel said it is a surreal experience for him.

"Whenever I see a player with one of our bats in their hands, I almost have to take a step back and think was that really in our shop last week?" Wetzel said.

"It's a really cool feeling and to know that we've put countless hours into our bats and we really want them to be perfect. to see that payoff of that is really neat."

He said he could not have done it without the support of his friends and neighbors.
"Me and Ross, [co-founder and Wetzel's brother in law] we're both from [here], I'm from Burkburnett and he's from Petrolia, to see the city kind of come around us and support us the way that they have, we're truly humbled by it," Wetzel said.

He said his greatest achievement will not be a slugger knocking it out of the park but the little kid from Texoma growing up with the bat.

"The reason is because you watch them become the ball player they're going to become," Wetzel said. "They've stayed true to you and you've stayed true to them to be able to support them through that would be such an awesome experience."

Wetzel said during spring training he met with ten different teams and asked them to try his bats and give him feedback. He said he hopes that type of relationship builder leads to more hits for his company.

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