Freeze expected in the morning, here's how to protect your plants

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - After a chilly first two days of April, we briefly warmed up this morning. A cold front will send us back to near or below freezing by Wednesday morning. So what can you do to protect your plants? The easiest thing for people to do, if the plants are in pots, is pick to them up and bring them inside. But what if they're in the ground or just too heavy to pick up?"

Katherine Smith, owner of Smith's Gardentown, says that most plants should be able to handle a light frost. Trees, shrubs, any Perennial plants will not be hurt by a freeze. Many Petunias will be okay. What you should be concerned about is vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and sweet potato vines. These temperature sensitive plants will either need to be brought in or put in a light frost blanket overnight.

Freezes like these aren't uncommon, we're still close to our average last freeze dates with our southern counties the first to experience their last freeze and then slowly moving up towards the Red River with our Oklahoma counties usually seeing the last freeze of the year in early April. Graham, TX is also one of the last cities to see a freeze. You can see the dates for your, or cities near you, in the picture above.

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