SAFB Airmen get use-of-force training


WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Airmen at Sheppard are getting some real-life field training right on the base.

Sheppard's Security Forces Squadron used its new use-of-force simulator on Tuesday, a tool that is teaching them to make better split-second decisions, that could impact the lives of others forever.

Sheppard is one of the first air force bases to have the 300-degree Military Integrated Laser Operated law enforcement use-of-force simulator.

"What we use it for is our use of force training that we accomplish annually," said Unit Trainer Georgia McCullough. "We also use it as a safer alternative  for on the job training."

McCullough said the 300-degree options, instead of the single screen in the past, teach the officers to be aware of all their surroundings.

"You can't just get tunnel vision.  You have to look at everything going on around you," said McCullough.

Airmen Taylor Francis said it is more realistic.

"Because not everyone is going to come at you from the front," said Francis.

Those who go through the training use the weapons they carry with them every day, but with CO2.

They learn target discrimination, muscle memory for their weapon, and verbal communication.

Plus, they go through realistic situations like a high risk traffic stop or someone trying to get into the main gates at Sheppard.

"With the recent trend analysis in threats that we've seen at other military installations, it is super important that we key in on this deficiency area and key into this as much as possible," said McCullough.

Airmen Xavier Hodges, a SAFB entry controller, said he does not think any other training can prepare you like this one.

Others believe it is not just a good learning tool for the military, but any law enforcement or anybody using use-of-force.

"To really just help them go through these scenarios in here, where it's safe, where we can just practice versus trying to learn as you go out in the real world because that's pretty scary," said Francis.

Police officers, detention officers and other government officials also use the training.

The airmen at Sheppard said they are lucky to have this opportunity because it is not offered everywhere.

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