Local couple overcomes struggles to open business

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Wichita Falls couple that always dreamed of opening up their own business are days away from making that dream a reality.

"I wondered when I was young, 'Could these things happen?'" said Mr. P's Eatery owner, Preston Giles. "I didn't see no way, because I came from a very poor family."

After being denied a business loan, Giles and his fiance Carol Moore said that did not stop them but rather gave them motivation.

"You need two years to kind of show them that you can borrow that money and do the right thing with it," Giles said.

Two years in the restaurant business is what they didn't have, however they were willing to make some sacrifices, like lose sleep, to make it happen.

"Like stay away from the beauty shop," Moore said.

To help save money, most of the things inside their business, like their chairs, used to be someone's trash that they turned in to treasure.

After many hours spent making their business one of a kind, they're now days away from their big day and they say it's like they've climbed a big mountain.

For those who also have big dreams they want to achieve, the couple says it's all about the work you put in.

"Working hard will get you what you want within reason," Giles said. "If you put in your time you will get something out of it."

Mr. P's Eatery will have a grand opening Saturday, April 14  at 11 a.m. Mr. P's is located at the of corner of 9th and Denver Street.

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