Many scramble to prepare for brisk weather

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The cold temperatures have people adjusting their plans for the weekend. Many are dashing to prepare for the chill. Big events are making alterations or canceling altogether.

Lowe's Home Improvement's garden center rushed to cover plants that would have to stay outdoors. They are protecting them with veiling. Any plants that are tropical are moved inside the store.

Steve and Jan Young, farmers who sell produce at the farmers market, still plan to bring their fruits and vegetables Saturday. They say their products will be able to survive the chilly temps thanks to the wind and cloud cover.

However, the market will be opening later, at 10 a.m., and the live band that would have been playing for Spring Fling event will not be attending.

The T.H.O.R. obstacle course will still be on. All American Car Wash built a human car wash to help people rinse themselves off at the end of the run, which includes various mud pits. Wichita East Volunteer Fire Department will be helping with it, but will come out only when called so their water does not get too cold

Jim Cadotte, Fun Administered Chair for T.H.O.R., said, "we communicate with them on a regular basis and as we need water they'll fill up their tank. For the weather getting as cold as it is, we don't really want to freeze the runners. It won't be hot water, but we don't want it to be ice-cold water."

T.H.O.R. village will have Hook and Ladder set up a stand for people to purchase $3 cups of coffee, they will have paramedics throughout the course, and they have also paired up with the Cowtown Marathon from Fort Worth who will bring warming blankets.

Vicki Boyle, coordinator of T.H.O.R. village said, "when you're running you're going to be warm. At the finish line it's hard to moderate your body temperature when those cooler temperatures hit. So, we'll have those warming blankets available for everybody."

While some are just going to stick out the cold the Pinwheels for Patsy's House charity event for Child Abuse Awareness Month has been canceled.

Executive Director of Patsy's House, Denise Roberts said, "we came in this morning hoping that we could just power through but we're just afraid that with the temperatures as frigid as they're going to be it looks like it's going to be still really cold by 11 and 12 o'clock hour. We just want to make sure have everybody's safe. That's our first priority is safe and not have everyone out in this super cold weather."

Patsy's House is not going to reschedule their charity event, but you can still purchase a pinwheel or a t-shirt throughout the month of April. The purpose is to raise awareness and help the advocacy center continue to serve children who have been abused.

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