Frozen Turkey Fest

Frozen Turkey Fest
The cold weather ruffled some feathers at Turkey Fest.
© The cold weather affected the turn out for Turkey Fest.
© The cold weather affected the turn out for Turkey Fest.

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - The cold weather did not ruffle all the feathers at the 12th annual Turkey Fest in Henrietta on Saturday.

KJ Harvick, the event's director, said around 4,0000 people typically come out every year. She said rescheduling was not an option since the turkey hunt and beard competition already kicked off Wednesday.

She said she appreciated those who did not let the cold keep stop them from attending.

"It's amazing to see people come out with the drizzle this morning but we still got vendors and we appreciate them being here," Harvick said. "The people coming out are real troopers and we appreciate them."

Eight professional hunting teams turned out for the event.

"The day didn't turn out exactly like they wanted with the weather but the people, the hunting, you guys got some good country and I'm just thoroughly impressed with the camaraderie of the whole town how you guys come together," Kenny Lee with the Southern Hog Slayers said.

At night, hundreds two-stepped the cold away at the Coyote Creek Event Center just outside Henrietta city limits.

The event is one of Clay County's Chamber of Commerce's biggest fundraiser.

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