Proposition F: History behind memorial auditorium

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls memorial auditorium is close to 100 years old. Proposition F would help renovate it to continue hosting events and concerts.

"It was built in 1927 and the dedication was on May 8, 1928, where over 3,000 people came and attended," Wichita County Archivist, Bill Steward said. "It was quite a day."

He adds many took their talent to the Wichita Falls Memorial Auditorium, including early entertainers.

"Two very famous acts were Will Rogers in 1931, which the manager down here from the early 70's to early 2000, said it was probably the biggest act that was here," Steward said.

Coming in the second Steward said was Elvis Presley who was there back in the 50's.

"The setting is not only historic but its very personal," Steward said. "I hear musicians say that the acoustics in there are just wonderful. As wonderful as the MPEC. It's really a special place for musical acts ."

However, the 91-year-old building that seats 2,700 is in need of a renovation and they're hoping to do that if proposition F is approved.

With $1.4 million they plan to install new rigging since their current one the Spectra Venue Management said is outdated plus unsafe.

They also hope to replace their curtains and get a new sound system.

We talked to the Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre Tuesday and in a statement, he said Board Directors support proposition F because the Memorial Auditorium is the only theater in town that they're able to use for their productions.

Election day is set for Saturday, May 5th more information voting locations can be found here

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