Woman looks back on Terrible Tuesday

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - 39 years ago was a day forever known as Terrible Tuesday. An evening that changed the lives of many.

Twisters killed over 40 and injured more than a thousand. It destroyed over three thousand homes and caused 400 million dollars in damage.

Many like Mona Brockman Sims still remember that day.

Sims said she was with her husband driving on Maplewood when they realized they couldn't outrun the storm, so they got out and grabbed the bottom of a tree outside of a church.

"I don't remember a lot during the storm, I just remember that it was taking forever," Sims said. "I remember the people were just so wonderful, and then when I came back to Wichita Falls the people were still wonderful, and I'm glad to be back up here."

A painter driving by after the storm found her and her husband then drove them to the hospital where she spent her 22nd birthday.

Sims said she wasn't reunited with her father for 24 hours because of the chaos left behind by the storm.

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