Firefighters and Meteorologist prepare for high fire danger days

ARCHER COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Red Flag Warnings are in place for Texoma Thursday and Friday. Wind gusts could be as high as 50 mph with Relative Humidity as low as 7 percent. Not to mention our western counties could make it to 100 degrees today.

Fires will spread rapidly in these conditions. In March I attended the Bowman Volunteer Fire Department training with First Alert Meteorologist Zach Holder.

The highest wind speed that day was 35 mph with a wind gust of 43. The winds picked back up right around sunset. So, we were tested. Check out quickly the smoke is being blown to the south.

One of the volunteer firefighters, Richard Farmer said embers carried in the wind can start a new fire over a mile away. They call that a spot fire.

The good news was humidity increased as the sun went down. The high that day was 65 degrees, but closer to the 40s as the sun went down so the controlled burn, stayed controlled.

Richard Farmer said rising humidity overnight is helpful and one reason why we don't see many multiple day fires in Texas.

Dryness fuels a fire, and the next three days we will be extremely dry. Farmer said don't let the green grass trick you.

"Well, it will still burn. There's a lot of dead grasses still out there and the fuel load is still moderate to heavy in locations," Farmer said." Even though there's still green out there the dead stuff will burn, and it can cure the green stuff and the green stuff can eventually burn if it gets enough heat on it."

Yesterday I touched base with Farmer and he said they are ready for the heat, but prevention starts with you.

"It just takes one little spark or enough heat to light that dry dead fuel. Catalytic converters are notorious for setting fires in pastures. Just make sure that you're using common sense when you're outdoors doing anything, even cooking you know."

Farmer suggest you keep the smoker in an area of short grass or concrete and have plenty of water nearby

He asks that if you see any smoke, especially on days like today report it asap so they can get it out quickly.

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