Rider girls soccer seniors believe this is their year!

Rider girls soccer seniors believe this is their year!
2018 Rider Lady Raiders senior class / Source: KAUZ
2018 Rider Lady Raiders senior class / Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Rider Lady Raiders have made it to the Regional semifinals for the third season in a row, and this season they feel like the team's versatility will be a big factor in getting over the hump.

"I think everybody is just super, like, universal," said Rider senior forward Maddi Kyle. "We can put anyone wherever he needs them to go. And a lot of people have just been stepping up this year and whenever someone gets hurt or someone has to go out, someone steps up and really does good. And I don't know, this team is just like, if we had a year to do it, this is definitely it."

"Everyone on this team, every time they step on the field, they are capable of scoring," said Rider senior forward Keeley Ayala. "We have any girl on any position that can score a goal and we showed that this year. Because in every game we had so many different people scoring. We don't have just a top two, top one, we have everybody on our team that can score."

Head coach Carl Wiersema has been in this position a few times in his career, and he is telling his team to believe that they can make it to their goals.

"He has just really told us, 'You just have to keep your head in it and stay calm,'"  Kyle said. "He really wants us to be confident. Like, he wants us to know that we can do it if we put our minds to it. And he always tells us to just trust ourselves."

The Lady Raiders are just two more wins away from State. If they make it, for this team, it would be like a dream come true.

"We want it so bad, more than anything," Kyle said. "I think this year is -- I think it's going to be good this year."

"It would just be crazy," Ayala said. "Like it's just a dream because it's just crazy. It's our senior year and to just win our senior year. And everything has kind of fallen into place for us: we get to play at home in front of our crowd and just, everything is falling into place. And we have so many supporters, and it just would be like a dream because it's all fallen into place this year."

The Lady Raiders face Lubbock Monterey Friday at noon at Memorial Stadium. The winner will play the winner of Friday's first game, a 10 a.m. kickoff between Grapevine and Lubbock Coronado, on Saturday for the Regional title.

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