IP Animal Reclaim Center close to being complete

IOWA PARK, TX(RNN Texoma) - A project in Iowa Park that's been years in the making is now just weeks away from being finished.

For years, Iowa Park has been working with a very small Animal Reclaim Center that had no room for stray cats.

"You can go through town and see stray cats," Iowa Park resident, Linda Duggins said. "They're just all over the place."

However, this newly built animal reclaim center, that is about 80 percent complete is aiming to help keep more strays off the streets.

Iowa Park's only animal control officer Matthew Ohm, who's also a police officer said the current facility is just too small. In fact, it only has three kennels.

"We may have 9 or 10 dogs within a two day period," Officer Ohm said. "That's when we would reach out to rescues to come in to help us out to house these dogs until we can find them homes or find their owners."

The new facility will be located beside the old one on FM 368 South.It will have a room for cats plus 16 kennels for dogs.

"The kennels are designed for the dogs so they can either come inside or go outside and kind of sunbathe," Officer Ohm said.

Iowa Park residents also seem to be on board.

"Anything you want to do to make the community better is a good thing," Iowa Park resident Ann McClure said.

Officer Ohm said knowing this project is almost complete brings him peace.

"It's kind of a big relief off my shoulders," Officer Ohm said. "I'm not having to worry about where I'll be putting my animals at and if I'm going to have room."

Ohm helped design the facility and said it's expected to be complete sometime in May.

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