Rep. Pat Fallon looking ahead following primary win

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texas Senate candidate Pat Fallon's 'Thank You' event in Wichita Falls has concluded.

The Restoration Hall at Half Pint was packed for Representative Fallon's gathering after defeating Senator Craig Estes and Nocona businessman Craig Carter in the Republican primary for the Senate District 30 seat.

Now he's shifting his attention to what lies ahead.

"We have now, if you use it correctly, nine months to prepare for the Senate seat because we won't get sworn in until January 8th of 2019," Representative Fallon said. "Of course there is a November election and we're not going to take it lightly. We're going to do the work that it will take in the fall."

He will face Democratic candidate Kevin Lopez in November's general election.

"The philosophy that he's spousing of government first, dependency, an open border, tax and spend, those policies got us $20 trillion debt in Washington D.C."

He said he will continue to knock on doors and hold town halls in hopes of defeating Lopez.

If elected some of his goals include securing the border, banning sanctuary cities, and drug testing welfare recipients.

"When people have prosperity, when people have opportunity, when people have economic promise, why change," Representative Fallon said.

He said he will give Wichita County, a county he believes was ignored by Senator Estes, the attention it deserves.

"I'm not going to go get a powdered wig, I'm not going to learn a British accent, I'm not going to be some kind of hottie patrician," he said. "And that does happen to too many members whether it's in the Senate or other elected offices. We are truly going to listen."

Representative Fallon said he met with Lake Wichita stakeholders Thursday morning to come up with a strategy to fund the project moving forward.

He said he doesn't know if they will reach their goal, but added he wouldn't even know about the project if he didn't listen.

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