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Taxing times: Getting through Tax Day with a smile

(RNN) – If you haven’t done your taxes yet, things are about to get real.

The deadline is Tuesday at midnight, either to put your return in the mail or to hit “send” in your tax software.

If you’ve waited this long, you’re either lazy, really busy or owe money.

So, even though it’s crunch time, take a minute to smile, take a deep breath and make that final push to Tax Day 2018.

First, make sure you understand the basics.

Do you have any deductions you can claim?

Some things can be claimed, but others can’t.

Ask questions if you’re not sure.

If you get upset at any point, think pleasant thoughts.

It’s not always a good idea to get help from a relative.

Consult the IRS if you find out you need to write a really big check to Uncle Sam.

But if you’re getting a return, let the good times roll.

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