Prop. E: Improvements to MPEC facilities

Prop. E: Improvements to MPEC facilities
Proposition E includes basic improvement to the MPEC facilities. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Kay Yeager Coliseum was the final addition of the Multi-Purpose Events Center complex 15 years ago.

Since then its hosted numerous sporting events and concerts and just recently it welcomed WWE Live back to Wichita Falls.

"From October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017, we had almost 380 events and over 300,000 people come through our complexes," Spectra General Manager, Brian Hoffman said.

The MPEC consists of four venues, and Hoffman said he hopes to see some improvements to three of its facilities if proposition E is passed.

"Our air walls are utilized almost every single event and just over the years they have come off their tracks, worn and torn," Hoffman said.

He adds replacing the roofs is also on their list.

"Because they leak," Hoffman said. "Which causes disruptions during the event and esthetically it's not pleasing when you have brown stains and tiles throughout the facility."

Another important thing on their list is adding video surveillance cameras to their facilities.

Hoffman said adding these cameras would help them minimize theft.

"Safety is our number one priority for our guest that are renting the facility and our patrons that are coming in," Hoffman said. "To have the video surveillance cameras it just brings another piece of mind."

All of these upgrades will help improve the MPEC facilities for big events like the Hotter'N Hell Hundred.

For that reason, in a statement to Newschannel 6 the Hotter' N Hell Hundred Executive Director, Ben Filer said he supports Proposition E.

"The Multi-Purpose Events Center is the premier events facility in the area. They provide an outstanding venue for many events throughout the year including the Hotter'N Hell Hundred. During the Hotter'N Hell Hundred weekend, in August each year, we utilize all the facilities for our various activities. While MPEC is the Premier facility in the area there are several critically necessary improvements that the Proposition E bond issue will make possible.

* Restroom renovations, new dividing wall and a portable sound system in the Exhibit Hall.

* New seating, chutes and portable stock panels and sound system for the Agricultural Center.

* LED lighting, digital ticket scanners and camera updates in the Coliseum.

These improvements would help to improve the MPEC facilities for events that currently use them and make them more attractive to other events that the community is trying to attract to Wichita Falls"

However, for Robin Hallford, a Wichita Falls resident and Vietnam Veteran, adding more cameras are great but he said he'll still vote no on Proposition E.

"Cameras are okay for security but all the other stuff they should have thought of that when they built it in the first place," Hallford said.

If Proposition E is approved, the estimated monthly property tax cost increase for a $100,00 home would be 22 cents.

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