Could a drought dry up Prop B plans in WF?

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - While rain is in the forecast for Wichita Falls this weekend, the chance of a future drought is something many worry about.

With a $3.9 million-dollar proposition for Lake Wichita on the ballot Monday during early voting, could the thought of dry conditions dry out those plans?

Many say that is not going to stop them from voting "yes" on Proposition B.

If passed it would add a four-lane boat ramp, the Veteran's Memorial Plaza, a boardwalk and extend the hike and bike trail at the Lake.

Others say to just leave it the way it is.

Right now many already go out there to bike, fish and enjoy the view, like Greg Aultman.

He is hoping to see it pass.

"Well I'd like to see it like it was back in the early 60s," said Aultman. "Saturdays and Sundays this was covered with boats, and people skiing, and having fun and picnicking, and everything like that."

Like Aultman remembers the good old days, many remember the drought, and say it is unavoidable and will make the project a waste of money.

Stephen Garner said a drought will not hurt the projects Prob B could bring and said they could be utilized no matter the lake levels.

He adds as the revitalization moves forward excavating the lake will be crucial. Something fisherman Earl Carter is not looking forward to.

He said he is worried what will happen to the fish if the city dredges the lake.

"When I first moved here there was no water here and then when the rain came it filled up," said Carter. "Then ever since then I've never seen crappies as big as they are here."

Garner said if the lake was to dry up again, there are options.

"We have access to water from the city of Wichita Falls through Lake Kemp and Lake Diversion," said Garner. "If we need that water for this we have water rights to fill lake Wichita."

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