Non-profit helps students learn STEM

Non-profit helps students learn STEM

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - At Midwestern State University, dozens of students in the Cafe's Road to College program spent the day learning STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) on Saturday.

The tutorial was given by instructors from Dexter Learning, a Wichita Falls STEM education businesses.

The non-profit teamed up with the business to provide underprivileged students the opportunity to learn STEM for free.

The students have to earn their way to the Cafe's Road to College program, to take part in these tutorials, by being chosen by their teachers and counselors.

Gonzalo Robles, Cafe Con Leche CEO, said learning these lessons now will give them a better chance at achieving their dreams.

"They have to be ready in science, engineering and math and Dexter Learning can offer that so we are so grateful that Michael [Olaya] has taken the opportunity to help."

"This sparks their ingenuity and their creativity," Michael Olaya CEO of Dexter Learning said. "They start feeling like creators and makers. They start creating things. This is going to be the thing that takes them from thinking that math and science isn't for them and puts them on a path where they think they can be a professional scientist or engineer."

All the programming designs the students created this tutorial will be made into 3-d printed necklaces.

The non-profit paid for these tutorials through grants so the families do not have to.

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