Motorcycle crash victim spreads safety awareness

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - TxDOT officials say on average a motorcyclist dies in a crash on Texas roads every day.

In fact, about half of the wrecks are from a car or truck colliding with riders.

Most of the time its because drivers simply don't see them or misjudge how close they are.

"Everybody says well you just didn't ride well," Motorcyclist, Melissa Malonson said.  "It's not always the rider, a lot of the times it's the cars around you."

Malonson said she was heading to her sister-in-laws house when a car hit her and shoved her into another vehicle causing it to run over her head.

"One of the witnesses said when he pulled up to the wreck it was like I had just landed," Malonson said. "He was in the pile of traffic behind me and he pulls up and the bike was still on top of me stuck in gear and the tire spinning on my leg."

Malonson said doctors tried to save her leg but the injury was too severe.

"I was conscious through the whole thing," Malonson said. "My eyes were open through the whole wreck from when he hit me and pushed me, whenever I landed on the ground, when I started to slide and when I tumbled with it."

Royce Pritchard, the Red River Harley Davidson operations director said every time he comes across a motorcyclist he advises them to ride as if they're invisible.

"We have to watch and drive for everybody else to make sure that we are safe," Pritchard said. "The main take away for riders is to be vigilant."

He adds another thing motorists need to keep in mind to avoid an accident with a motorcyclist is to give them space and not be too close.

"We can stop that motorcycle very quickly and cars don't have the ability to stop as fast as we do and so a lot of accidents end up being because someone was too close to the bike," Pritchard said.

Malonson hopes sharing her close call will remind other riders to be alert at all times.

"Even that one extra minute. The car behind you can keep honking and their fries can get cold or they can be 30 seconds late for wherever they are in a rush to get to, but that one minute you waited at that stop sign cause you thought you saw somebody {motorcyclist}, that could be somebody's life," Malonson said.

A benefit is being held for Malonson May 19 at Stick's Place on Sheppard Access Road to help raise money to pay off medical expenses, a prosthetic leg, and to help make her home handicap accessible.

There will be a bike run, an auction, food, live music, and a 50/50 drawing.

If you wish to help or to get more information on this event you're asked to contact Danny Wilson at (940)-263-8643 or Cortney Wilson at (940)-781-4129

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