MSU Tennis enjoying success under Coach Linn

Midwestern State tennis practices for the NCAA Postseason / Source: KAUZ
Midwestern State tennis practices for the NCAA Postseason / Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Midwestern State tennis program is used to winning conference titles. Under head coach Scott Linn the men and women have won six LSC Tournament titles since he took over the program in 2011.

"Players are what win," said coach Linn. "Coaches don't win, and staff don't win. The players win. So good quality student athletes win."

The players say one of the reasons for the success is the structure that Coach Linn has laid out for each player in the program.

"He has a great plan for each of us," says senior Daria Panferova. "And he sticks to his plan and like we are just working for each other and he is always here for us."

"I think this is a very well structured program that is for every day at practice we have a structured plan to go through unlike some other schools where practice are just you come and you play sets you practice and you leave," said senior Vasudev Vijayaraman. "But this is a very well structured program and every day... The biggest goal is everyday you get better and coach really emphasizes on getting better every day and also the fact that we do a good amount of strength training at 6 am running which really keeps us in very good shape and that's what really helps us get through the season."

Coach Linn and the players have also built a family atmosphere around the teams, and his players say they can feel that even before they commit to play at MSU.

"When I visited I knew I was going to come here just because of the fact that I think the guys and the girls are both like a family here," said Vijayaraman. "And that's what really helps us because I mean we're always traveling together and when the guys are playing the girls supports us and when the girls are playing the guys are out supporting them and that's what really helps both the teams go far and that's one of the things that made me sign at MSU."

"We are like a family and I feel we competing a lot in practices," said Panferova. "And we are working hard and have one goal we are trying to win nationals so that's what we are fighting towards its not about conference championships its more than that."

"We try to have them over for team dinners we do team building things they are apart of our family we love them from a family standpoint we want to make sure there are successful in life," says Coach Linn. "I think hopefully over time they start to feel that they start to recognize that its hard work to be successful but i think they probably appreciate that."

"If there is one thing I have learned the four years of playing college tennis is play for your brother next to you," said Vijayaraman. "I think this team all the guys here we are a very close team and we have no ego among each other if you are a freshman or senior you play the same part on the team obviously. What really kept me going and still keeps me going is playing for the guy right next to me and i think that's what has been a key for our success."

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