Blood drive helps raise donations but more still needed

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The rain on Wednesday did not put a damper on the giving spirit for Texomans as dozens turned up to a blood drive just footsteps outside the Newschannel 6 studio.

One blood donation can save three lives according to the Texas Blood Institute.

"That's awesome I mean that's what I'm here for," James Huling said. "If I could give something that's not really going to affect me more than a couple of minutes than I'm all for it."

Huling is a first-time blood donor. He said he was a little nervous but wanted to help those in need of his donation. He said one day he might need it too.

"I feel like it's saving a life so I feel I could do this," he said. "If I know it's going to help somebody else, I'm willing to try."

The organization said more donors like Huling are needed because, earlier this year, the flu season caused a shortage of blood donors. The Texas Blood Institute said it has been able to rebound but it is still short of where it wants to be.

A spokesperson for the organization said blood drives raise the majority of donations. She said in order to serve the community and hospitals, including every Wichita County hospital, they need at least 1,200 units of blood a day on its shelves a day.

From wrecks to sicknesses, she said every two seconds someone needs blood.

"I hope it goes to somebody who needs it that's why I'm doing this," Huling said.

To set up an appointment to donate blood you can contact the Texas Blood Institute at (940) 689-2400.

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