Roblox: Keeping kids away from predators is their priority

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - On Tuesday, News Channel 6 reported on concerns of a Texoma Child Abuse Prevention advocate about online predators grooming potential victims through popular gaming platforms like Roblox.

We heard from a spokesperson for Roblox, who said they take players' safety very seriously.

"We actually scan every piece of communication between our users to make sure that the content they are exchanging is appropriate,"  Chief Business Officer, Craig Donato said."So for example if someone under 13 is communicating with someone else in our platform, we don't let them share numbers, for example, they can't say a number and we do that because we don't want them to give out any personally identifiable information."

Roblox hires moderators who investigate complaints of inappropriate behavior.

Roblox encourages families to download their parents' guide to learn about the controls that can be set by an adult. For example how to turn off the chat feature in games.

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