WFISD students turn books into badges

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Some Wichita Falls ISD students are taking steps to serve their community in blue. They are part of a new law enforcement program offered by WFISD Career Education Center.

It is the first year the program has been offered to high school students in Wichita Falls. It is a two-year program where teens learn everything a police offer needs to know to protect the public like the penal code, how to do a traffic stop and interview suspects.

"At the high school level, they're going to go through the same exact material for two years," Autumn Weber, an Archer City police offer, and the program instructor said. "When they're 21, they can go through the police academy.  It gives them quite a leg up on material because they already learned it one time."

Memori Craig, 18, said she is excited to be a part of the program and decided to join it after watching television.

"I watched like a lot of cop shows and like serial killer stuff," Craig said. "It interested me enough to go into forensics class with Ms. Weber."

It is a career that others in her family wanted to chase down.

"My mom, she, whenever she was younger she said she wanted to but she never got the chance to," Craig said.

Now with the program, she said it will easier to get her badge to follow her dreams and her mother's.

"I just hope she's proud of me," Craig said.

Off. Weber said students who want to join the program need to be at least a junior or senior next school year and they should speak with their counselors to find out what classes they need to take prior.

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