Park in Burkburnett will soon see renovations

BURKBURNETT, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Burkburnett city leaders have plans in place to renovate one of the two parks in the city.

It has been 18 years since Permian Park has seen renovations.

City administrators are making new attractions and increased safety a high priority.

Carrie Mieeiear is a grandmother of two.

She and her grand kids go to Permian park at least twice a week to play off some energy.

"My grandson got out of preschool and I promised him a picnic so we came to the park."

Soon Mieeiear's grandson will have a newly renovated par to slide, swing, and play.

Mike Whaley is the city manager for Burkburnett.

One change he wants to be made is a playground where everyone can take part.

"The entire playground has ADA accessible ramps," said Whaley.  "All the kids can be all-inclusive in playing together."

The total cost of the renovations is $440 thousand.

$300 thousand will come from the Burkburnett Development Corporation.

There is also an $82 thousand grant from the manufacturer of the park equipment and an application for a grant from the Priddy Foundation.

Whaley is confident they will be close to their goal.

The renovation will include new bathrooms and shading over the playground to protect families from the sun.

All the updates are efforts to improve the quality of life.

"We want to create an atmosphere for the entire family," said Whaley.  "We really want to focus on our kids and our teens in a place where they can come and enjoy and play together as a family."

"It would really be a benefit to Burkburnett and the children here and the families," said Mieeiear.

Once all the money is raised construction on the park will take about three months

The city hopes to have an idea of where they stand on their budget by early June.

If you want to help the city with the renovations of the park, click here.

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